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Steven Huynh is a graduate from Westwood College of Los Angeles with a bachelor's degree in Game Art & Design. He studied Game Art & Design to pursue a career as a 2D Texture Artist/3D modeler in the video game industry. While in school Steven learned skills and techniques necessary for modeling, UV Unwrapping, texturing, rigging, and animation. ​He feels his strongest skill sets include 2D illustration and low poly modelling with hand painted textures. He enjoys the challenge of meeting a specific polygon limit while balancing a model with high quality textures.

While in school he had the opportunity to work with IdentityFX on 2 feature films (Green Lantern and Conan The Barbarian (2011))and an NBA commercial. He started out as a Rotoscope artist learning how to use Nuke and Mocha Pro to help convert the films into stereoscopic 3D. In the CP3 Jumpman commercial Steven was able to utilize his knowledge of 3D modeling and texturing which he used to help build the background for the scene.


Steven is currently located in Los Angeles and is currently freelances in the film, video game, and toy industries.  His goal is to have a long and successful career as a 3D modeler or Texture artist.












P: 818-614-7291



Highly motivated and talented individual working in the film, game, and toy industry with the passion to be part of an art team that strives to go beyond the norm and set new standards.



Extensive knowledge of:

  • Autodesk 3DS Max (organic & hard surface modeling, modeling and texturing high and low-resolution, rigging, animation, lighting, mental ray rendering, UV mapping, retopology)

  • Pixologic Zbrush 4R5 (sculpting, texture painting, modeling ,3d concept, retopology, rendering)

  • Autodesk Mudbox (sculpting, texture painting, rendering, extract normal & ambient occlusion maps)

  • Adobe Photoshop (Texture painting, photo editing, and compositing)

  • Unity 3D Engine (Texture, Material Shader, Lighting, Mecanim Animation, Import 3D assets to corresponding scripts, basic java scripting, and game design)

  • Autodesk Maya (modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting, rendering, UV mapping and animation)

  • Cinema 4D (modeling, lighting, rendering, Cineware with AE CC pipeline)

  • After Effects (compositing, rotoscoping, Mocha Pro planar tracking, 2D and 3D camera tracking)

  • Adobe Flash



C2C Studios – Glendale, CA.

Freelance 3D Generalist (December.2013-Present)

Responsibilities Included:


Dreamworks “How to Train your Dragon” and Spinmaster Ionix “Tenkai Knights

  • Clean up and retopologize AutoCAD/Solidworks 3D models to be used for 3D renderings in Maya. Render 3D toy models for box art and instructional sheets using Maya’s Mental Ray and Toon Shader.


YouTube Nation – Playa Vista, CA.

Freelance 2D/3D Generalist (September.2013-December.2013)

Responsibilities Included:


  • Pre-visualization 3D modeling of YTN stage set used to integrate conceptual lighting schemes for daily YTN show. Designed 2D and 3D assets and animations for lower thirds and interstialls using Cinema 4D (3D modeling, lighting, rendering), After Effects CC (2D animation, compositing, motion graphics, Cineware) Photoshop.


Age of Edge Corporation- Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

Freelance 3D Technical Artist (June.2013-October.2013)

Responsibilities Included:


  • Rigging 3D game characters and animations for Unity 3D engine using Mecanim system to retarget animation from one model to another model. Rigging included game humanoid characters and animals using 3DS Max CAT rig and Biped system.


Take10 Animation – San Fernando Valley, CA.

Freelance Texture Artist (May 2013-present)

Responsibilities Included:


  • Designed stylized hand painted texture and UV Unwrap low poly characters models for a IOS Unity 3D mobile game using 3DS Max(UV unwrap), Mudbox (3D texture painting), and Photoshop  (texturing).


Heckart Studio- Beverly Hills, CA.
Freelance Precomp Artist (March. 2013-July.2013)

Responsibilities Include:

  • Rendered alphas, clean plates, roto shapes, and advanced planar tracking for independent horror movie using Nuke and Mocha Pro.


BSM Animation
Freelance 2D/3D Character Artist (January.2013- June.2013)

Responsibilities Included:


  • Character design and concept, 3D Modeling from 2D design and concept, UV Unwrap and  texture painting, metal ray rendering using 3DS Max, Zbrush, Mudbox, Photoshop.


IdentityFX- North Hollywood, CA.
Freelance 3D Generalist (Feb.2011-Dec.2011)
Responsibilities Included:


CP3 Quick Control Chaos (NBA commercial with interactive 3D camera movement online)

  • Lead 3D artist. Designed 3D Chicago Architecture to be used as background environment and using Mental ray to render multiple passes for VFX compositing (3DS Max, Photoshop). Designed 3D assets environment and props for Interactive Online Website and film production projects.

Conan the Barbarian (2011) and Green Lantern

  • Utilized planar tracking and advanced rotoscoping (Mocha Pro and Nuke) techniques for stereoscopic 3D conversion for films.


Team Projects:

Westwood College Game Art Club- Los Angeles
Spooky Minds -2D Flash Web & Android game (
1st Place Westwood College 5th Annual Game Development Competition
Team Project Mindy /Feb.2011-June.2011
Responsibilities included:


  • 2D enemy concept design. Created main enemies for 5 levels using Adobe Flash.

  • Conceptualized, communicated, and worked closely with programmers implementing new game design ideas.

  • Gained key knowledge and understanding of game development and industry work flow.


Bachelor of Science- Game Art & Design
Westwood College of Los Angeles
Completed 4 year full time program with the emphasis on video and digital game design.

Dec. 2008- June. 2012


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